Genuine OEM Audi A3 8V 8P | A4 B8 8K | A6 16 Inch Trims Hubcaps 8V0601147D 2. Choice

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This item is compatible with:

Audi A3 (Typ 8V) - Sportback
Audi A3 (Typ 8V) - Fließheck
Audi A3 (Typ 8V) - Cabrio

Audi A4 B8 (Typ 8K) - Limousine
Audi A4 B8 (Typ 8K) - Avant

Audi A3 (Typ 8P) - Sportback
Audi A3 (Typ 8P) - Fließheck
Audi A3 (Typ 8P) - Cabrio

Hubcap Condition: Preowned - 2nd Choice
Size: 16"
Brand: Audi
Hubcap Type: Trim
Unit Quantity: 4
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