Genuine OEM Fiat 500 500X Steel Rims Summer Tyres 215/60 R 16 Michelin 7-6,7mm 2018

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This item is compatible with:

Fiat 500
Fiat 500 X

Note: Annähernd volles Profil 7mm
Note: Annähernd volles Profil 7mm
Note: Annähernd volles Profil 6,7mm
Note: Annähernd volles Profil 6,7mm
Rim Brand: Fiat
Unit Quantity: 4
Rim Material: Steel
Tyre Type: Summer
Aspect Ratio: 60
Tyre 1 Tread: Intact Thread
Tyre 2 Tread: Intact Thread
Tyre 3 Tread: Intact Thread
Tyre 4 Tread: Intact Thread
Rim Diameter: 16
Number of Studs: 5
Tyre 1 DOT: 2018
Tyre 2 DOT: 2018
Tyre 3 DOT: 2018
Tyre 4 DOT: 2018
Stud Diameter: 110
Speed Rating: H: max 210 km/h (130 mph)
Rim Width: 6.5J
Tyre Width: 215
Load Index: 95
Tyre Brand: Michelin
Offset: 40
Tyre Model: Energy Saver +
Reference OE/OEM Number: 52090714
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